Ladies Of Sherlock: Challenge Five: Swaplock
Molly Hooper. Consulting Criminal.
(Honey, you should see me in a crown)
kiss detail Klimt
Ladies Of Sherlock: Challenge Two: Career Day
Molly Hooper is a cellist.
Ladies Of Sherlock: Challenge Two: Career Day
Molly and Irene as ballet dancers. (Odile and Odette. Swan Lake)
For the Ladies of Sherlock October Challenge “Come As You Are”

Molly Hooper as Ariel (Little Mermaid) , and Irene Adler as Vanessa (Ursula’s human alter ego)
Carol zombie. Daryl´s nightmare
Don Quijote de la Mancha y Sancho Panza

My entry for Let´s draw Sherlock : Famous duos
Sherlock as Don Quixote and John as Sancho.
 I’d be lost without my squire!
It’s a three cat problem.

My entry for “lets draw sherlock”: 221b gets a pet
Sherlock in Blade Runner 
This is my first entry for Let’s draw Sherlock!
Sherlock is too intelligent and too handsome ;) to be a human. Sherlock is a replicant. (a bioengineered being, virtually identical to an adult human, but have superior strength, agility, and variable intelligence depending on the model) 
In this scene, the renegade replicant gives a monologue before his death.
sirena con pecas